‘Deadpool 3’ taps Molyneux Sisters who wrote ‘Bob’s Burgers’

Emmy-winning writers Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglin have been roped in to write ‘Deadpool 3,’ along with Ryan Reynolds who is all set to return as the foul-mouthed mercenary.

According to Variety, the Molyneux sisters are longtime writing partners, known for their Emmy Award-winning work on Fox’s ‘Bob’s Burgers.’

While the first installment of ‘Deadpool’ franchise earned over USD 783 million in 2018, the second one raked in USD 785 million.

The director of the project has not been announced yet. ‘Deadpool,’ was helmed by Tim Miller and David Leitch took over the second installment, as per Variety.

The confirmation of ‘Deadpool 3’ being in work was given by Reynolds late last year during a television appearance.

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