Siddaramaiah government survived five years with support from drug mafia: Nalin Kumar Kateel

BJP Karnataka state president Nalin Kumar Kateel on Friday attacked the previous Congress government in the state under Siddaramaiah alleging that it survived five years with the help of drug mafia adding that communal tensions were existent under the previous regime.

“When Siddaramaiah was in power and Congress was ruling in Karnataka, communal tension was existent in the state but after BJP came to power, no communal tensions existed in the state,” Kateel said.

He added: “Siddaramaiah government heavily supported the drug mafia and it was with their help that they survived five years. Even after one of their MLAs questioned the government, Siddaramaiah did not take any action against the drug mafia. But right after BJP came to power under the leadership of BS Yediyurappa, we started a war against the drug mafia and that is the reason they are not active in the state now.”

Kateel was speaking in a Gram Swaraj event which was organised in Udupi. He said that from village panchayat to parliament, BJP has only one agenda and that is Congress-Mukt Bharat.

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