The entire globe is reeling under one of the worst pandemics encountered by the human race, but today we are talking about an epidemic which has consumed the civilized world more than all pandemics which have hit the human race till date.

Today we are talking about Nepotism and favoritism which has become a part and parcel of lives affecting the life of ordinary humans adversely. Though all of us are privy to the existence of nepotism in our society, but very few know that the corruption of human mind and bureaucratic bias leading to nepotism is rampant even in a pandemic like Covid -19.

Covid 19, the pandemic has been a horrifying experience , the worst was to come in terms with the state of health infrastructure country wide in general and Union Territory of J&K. Reports suggested the lack of facilities including shortage of oxygen availability in hospitals which triggered rather worsened the miseries of patients fighting the deadly virus.

According to reliable sources we have come across glaring and disturbing news of nepotism emanating from the highest echelons of power in Union Territory administration of J&K. Our reliable sources told us that the uncle of an I.A.S officer, a blue-eyed officer of lieutenant Governor of U.T. of J&K and some top bureaucrat in Union government who he recommended to be posted in J&K from Tripura had come to attend a marriage function at Jammu turned out to be infected with covid-19.  Ironically when the healthcare system in J&K is crumbling under the burden of offering treatment to the infected in terms deficiency in both manpower and machine, all protocols and deficiencies were laid to rest overnight when it came to offering treatment to the kin of this blue eyes IAS officer.

All protocols and norms were laid to rest and extraordinary treatment has been placed at the disposal of the kin of this IAS officer. Special teams were flown to Delhi based Apollo hospital to procure Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) machine. Intriguingly operating cost of this machine is rupees 3 lacs (approx.) per day. Due to unavailability of experts to operate ECMO in Govt Medical College, Jammu special team of experts was flown in from SKIMS, Kashmir who were accorded unheard state privilege. This team of experts was received and escorted by a senior police officer in utter disregard to the norms laid down in protocol. Further the team of experts was made to stay in a three star Fortune Inn Riviera. Appallingly in all likelihood all the expenses right from paying for the ECMO machine to those incurred on the team of experts to operate this machine have been borne by the UT administration.

Imagine these facilities are being provided by the same administration which till yesterday was gasping to provide a breath / oxygen to the general masses

We are not discrediting the Covid warriors, our doctors, para medical staff, nurses and all those who are holding the fort in this war against this pandemic, they are our real champions, but the nepotism and corruption running amuck from the highest echelons of power is eating the vitals of our country.

We leave it to the readers, nay the general masses and those who lost their dear ones due to failing healthcare system to decide the dispensation we are living in and the change promised to us.

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