LG Manoj Sinha meets Panun Kashmir delegation headed by Dr Agnishekhar

Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha met a four member delegation of Panun Kashmir in Raj Bhawan in the winter capital of the Union Territory of J&K. The four member delegation of Panun Kashmir which met LG on Tuesday morning was headed by its convenor Dr Agnishekhar.

The meeting was held in a very cordial atmosphere and his Excellency listened to the half hour presentation mainly presented by Dr. Agnishekhar. Dr Agnishekhar appraised the LG Manoj Sinha about the hardships faced by the community in exile and the ironic apathy of administration in mitigating the hardships faced by the community.

Dr Agnishekhar highlighted the short term and long term issues faced by community. He spoke at length about multiple issues which included nearly two month long continued protest by the community members in Jagati township for enhancement of monthly relief, Distress Sales Act, dilapidated condition of 800 families of Hindus of Kashmir currently living in valley, over aged community members and various allied issues adversely affecting the day to day life of common Kashmiri Hindu in exile.

Dr Agnishekhar appraised the governor about Margdarshan Resolution adopted by community on 28 December 1991 which envisages the creation of a separate Union Territory to the east and north of river Jehlum under the free flow of Indian Constitution. Expressing the possibility of this UT, Dr Agnishekhar said that further reorganization of J&K is now possible under the Reorganization Act 2019 and Government of India should wake up to the stark reality of three decade long exile which has infringed upon Right to Life of this community.

Tito Ganjoo member of delegation highlighted the Genocide meted to the community by fascist and extremist forces in Kashmir, adding it is unfortunate that the Genocide of Hindus of Kashmir took place right under the nose of a free, democratic and secular dispensation. He added, it is an irony that the state continues to ignore and brush aside this gruesome Genocide even though the state of India through its Home Secretary has officially recognized Genocide while placing a ban upon JKLF. He requested his Excellency to use his offices and help the exiled community in passage of ‘Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Bill 2020’ proposed by Panun Kashmir on Homeland Day last December.

LG Manoj Sinha gave a patient hearing to the Panun Kashmir delegation assuring speedy action on all core concerns. While expressing his empathy, he said that he is aware and conscious of the hardships faced by the displaced community which is scattered across the globe. Adding, the community should rest faith in the leadership of our respected PM Narender Modi in delivering justice to the community.

A detailed memorandum covering all the concerned issues along with  a copy of Bill  and couple of annexure was also handed over to LG Manoj Sinha. The other members of the delegation included senior functionaries of organization Kuldeep Raina and Bihari Lal Kaul.


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