Panun Kashmir, a frontal political organization of Kashmiri Hindus organized a meeting in Jagti camp, Nagrota on Sunday, 07 February. The meeting was organized by the Jagati unit which included Sunil Raina, Bittoo ji, Chand ji Pandita, Sanjay Raina Vijay Kr Bhat, Ramesh Kumar, Raj Kapoor. Glowing tributes were paid to martyr Sumesh Bhan who passed away on Friday, 05 February at Shalimar garden  UP.

Addressing the gathering Kuldeep Raina, General Secretary, Panun Kashmir said that the pandemic hindered the possibility of physical meeting in camp for nearly an year, but Panun Kashmir increased its presence on social media with scores of webinars and a month long Holocaust commemoration. He said that nearly two lakh people from across the globe participated in these online activities, focused around creation of separate geo political dispensation and Genocide. He revealed that the Diaspora PK REHINGE KASHMIR and Youth 4 Panun Kashmir ensured the success of these online programs initiated by Panun Kashmir.

Laying the ambit of the meeting, Kuldeep Raina said, today meeting has been called specifically to discuss the impact of constitutional changes on community and the Genocide and Atrocities prevention Bill 2019 proposed by Panun Kashmir. He requested the members of community to visit to read, sign and share the bill.

Addressing the gathering Tito Ganju, architect of the Bill stated that displaced Hindu community of valley is not the victim of Genocide alone, but the denial of Genocide for last 30 years. In a startling revelation, Tito Ganju revealed that terms like ethnic cleansing were purposely used by the state because there is no United Nations law or convention to deal with ethnic cleansing as a crime against humanity. He added that this term abdicates the state of India from its responsibility in addressing the crime against humanity perpetrated against the Hindus of Kashmir in 1990.

Giving the historical perspective of genocide bill, Tito Ganju said that India is one of the proposers and first signatories of UN Genocide Bill and Article 5 of the bill makes it mandatory for all the signatories to adopt and ratify the bill in respective countries. However ironically and unfortunately respective governments have shied away from incorporating the bill leading to more miseries to the victims of Genocide. Ironically, he said, the Indian state uses the Genocide to extract dividends and further upon its plans like in the case of Yasin Malik and JKLF. India Home secretary is on record stating that JKLF and Yasin Malik are responsible for the genocide of Kashmiri Pandits which became the prime reason for banning JKLF.

Dr Ajay Chrungoo, Chairman Panun Kashmir while speaking on the occasion said that genocide stands on the pinnacle of crime against humanity, adding that denial of Genocide while indirectly acknowledging that Genocide has taken place in Kashmir is the most unfortunate thing. He said that the incorporation of Citizens Amendment Act (CAA) by the Indian state is an indirect acknowledgment of the Genocide which has been perpetually happening in sub continent. Stating that Genocide ignored has the tendency to replicate, Dr Chrungoo said, Ignoring of Genocide in 1947 by India state led to another genocide of Hindus in 1971 where lakhs of Hindus were butchered in Bangladesh and Pakistan. The process of Hindu Genocide again surfaced in 1990 when nearly half a million Hindus of Kashmir were thrown out of valley.

Stating that the process of Genocide in sub continent is unabated and continuous, he called upon the Government of India and the parliamentarians to adopt Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Bill 2019 proposed by Panun Kashmir and presented to all the parliamentarians. India has to recognize that time has arrived when India must act upon the Hindu Genocides perpetrated in the sub continent by Pakistan and Islamists, and that is possible only when India adopts the bill.  Addressing the gathering Dr Chrungoo categorically stated that the genocide faced by Hindus of Kashmir is directly related to the Genocide faced by Hindus of Pakistan, Afghanistan, East Pakistan and it is time we understand the real contours of the issue and highlight the perpetuity of Genocide in sub continent, rather trying to resolve the issue of Hindus of Kashmir separately and in isolation.

The program was conducted by Bitoo ji and attended by senior members Daya Krishen Koul, Pran Rana, Bihari Lal Koul, Lenin Bhat, and others.

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