3 illegal call centres busted in Delhi, 37 held for duping foreign nationals

The Delhi Police on Tuesday busted three illegal call centres and arrested 37 people for duping foreign nationals by pretending to provide services for Apple and Amazon Tech Support.

As per a statement, the accused used to send voice recordings to foreign nationals pretending to be US Drug Enforcement and then extort money from them. Two out of the three call centres were busted in Janakpuri while one was busted in Bindapur.

“On the basis of secret information, a raid was conducted at the premises and it was found that different accused persons were running illegal call centres in Bindapur and Janakpuri. Two separate cases were registered against the scam centres and a total of 37 persons, including managers, supervisors and operators, were arrested, out of which nine were working at the Bindapur centre and 28 at the Janakpuri centres,” the statement said.

A total of 56 desktops and 41 phones have been seized from the three locations.

The accused persons, especially the Janakpuri centres, had taken extreme precautions to avoid getting caught. The scam was from a residential building and had state-of-the-art security systems and all accused were given strict instructions to not park their vehicles nearby to avoid being noticed.

“As disclosed by the accused, they have conned thousands of people of over Rs 10 Crore. They were duping and extorting people based in foreign countries in the name of their Social Security Number,” the statement added.

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