Three women working at a petrol pump in J-K’s Udhampur

Serving as a source of inspiration to the women in Jammu and Kashmir, three females are working at a petrol pump in Udhampur.

Sapna, Muskan and Rachana from Udhampur are working at a petrol pump at the Omara Morh area in the district to contribute to their family income. They say they have been inspired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s talks on women empowerment.

Rachana said, “I am very happy to work here. Women should also work these days to ensure the smooth running of the household. On joining here, I was asked by the owner of the pump if I was shy to work here and I said no…no shame at all to work. The Prime Minister has appealed to us to work to reach new heights in life. Everyone praises and encourages us.”

She also appealed to all women to not shy away from work and said: “There is no big and small work, work is worship.”

Muskan said all women should work as nowadays women have proven they are capable to work in every field.


Sunil Paroch, a customer at the petrol pump, said, “I am very happy to see women working here. Our talks on women empowerment are showing results, thanks to our Prime minister who inspired women to come forward in life through his ‘Mann Ki Baat’.”

He also thanked the owner of the petrol pump, saying “I think this is the first petrol pump in Udhampur to have a female workforce at filling petrol.”

Ashok Kumar from Udhampur said,” I thank PM Modi who started many schemes that got women many opportunities. I congratulate the women at the pump for showing boldness and courage to work. I also thank the owner of the petrol pump.”


Priti Khajuria, a local said, “Women are in every field nowadays, be it a pilot, bus driver or train driver. There is a lady in Delhi who drives a taxi, so why not in Udhampur? they can even ride auto rickshaws. I urge all women to work as it creates self-esteem.”

“I want to give another message to women — do not think that you cannot do a particular job. Whichever job requires hard work, provides inspiration and maintains your dignity is a job worthwhile. No job is small or big,” she added.

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