COVID-19: Delhi’s Kalkaji Temple to regulate number of devotees during Navratri through e-passes

In an effort to restrict the number of visitors amid rising COVID-19 numbers, the Kalkaji Temple in the national capital has introduced e-passes for the entry of devotees on the occasion of the Navratri.

Elaborating on the newly-introduced e-pass mechanism at the Kalkaji Temple, the head priest Surrender Nath said, “We had a meeting with local administration in which we have decided that only devotees with an e-pass will be allowed in the temple. To regulate numbers, devotees will be given a particular day and time to visit the temple. The link will be available on the temple website.”

Due to the night curfew, the temple will remain open between 6 am to 8 pm, he added.

Devotees have been advised to wear masks and use sanitisers to protect themselves from the deadly virus. As per government guidelines, no offerings have been allowed in the temple.

Several markings have done for social distancing to maintain the crowd. Temple administration has advised senior citizens not to come temple as COVID-19 cases are increasing rapidly.

However, several devotees visited the temple to follow their family tradition. “Despite the risk, we are here, but else we can do it’s the matter of our beliefs,” said a devotee.

Being asked if they have been providing sanitisers another devotee replied that they can’t use it because it has alcohol in it.

The festival of Navratri holds special importance in Hindu mythology. It symbolises the victory of good over evil, the awakening of the divine feminine. The festival is celebrated twice a year with different significance.

The Ashwina Navaratrithat starts at the beginning of winter (between September and October) is the more popular Navaratri. The Chaitra Navratri is celebrated in the month of March-April. This year Chaitra Navaratri started on April 13 and would end on April 21.

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