Israeli Military reports attempted attack on soldiers in Hebron, assailant neutralized

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said on Tuesday that there was an attempted attack against Israeli servicemen in the West Bank city of Hebron, with the assailant subsequently neutralized.

“An assailant armed with an IED, an improvised ‘Carlo’ submachine gun, and a knife arrived in Hebron, and attempted a combined attack on IDF soldiers,” the IDF tweeted.

The Israeli officers responded with fire and neutralized the attacker. No casualties have been reported among the military.

Earlier this month, the escalation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict started when the unrest began in East Jerusalem over an Israeli court’s decision to evict several Palestinian families from the area.

Amid the tensions, at least 212 Palestinians have died since the beginning of the fighting, 61 of them children. 42 Palestinians were reported killed on Sunday in the deadliest single strike since the violence erupted a week ago, as per Al Jazeera report.

Meanwhile, more than 3,000 rockets were fired from Gaza towards Israel in the escalating conflict, killing about 10 people in Israel, including two children and an Indian national.

Israel fired shells towards Lebanon in response to rocket launches on Monday. A Lebanese security source confirmed to Al Jazeera that Israel had fired 22 shells towards Lebanon, after it was reported that six rockets had been fired from south Lebanon.

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