Over Rs 2 lakh found in woman beggar’s hut in J-K’s Nowshera

A sum of Rs 2,60,000 has been recovered from the hut of a woman beggar in the Nowshera district of Jammu and Kashmir.

A team from an old age home from Rajouri district had taken the woman with them on Wednesday.

“She lived there for 30 years. Yesterday the team came from Rajouri and took her to an old age home in Rajouri. Thereafter a team of the municipality had come to pick up the garbage lying in her house. That is when they discovered currency notes in envelopes in the garbage kept inside the house. The municipality started filling crates with money one after another. One bag of coins weighed almost 70-80 kg,” a ward member told ANI.


He further said that the money was not acquired by fraudulent means.

“The woman accumulated the wealth of Rs 2,60,000 over a span of 30 years. She did this with her hard work. It is not fraudulent money. People from nearby villages used to come and give her Rs 10 or Rs 20,” he said.

So far, the money counted amounts to about Rs 2,60,000 but the counting of cash is still underway, said a member of the municipality.

“We have spent 2.5-3 hours in counting all the money that was found. The cash and coins were kept in small plastic packets, envelopes, and boxes. Some wet notes have deteriorated also over time. We are still counting the cash, so far it is more than 2 lakh. Let us see how many more we have here,” he said.

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