Forget Delimitation; Divide Kashmir; Grant Statehood to Jammu

“Conducting Delimitation of Constituencies on the basis of Census 2011 is the surest way to once again sell out Jammu and keep it hostage to Fundamentalist Kashmiri Islamic Hegemony” said Ankur Sharma, President IkkJutt Jammu while demanding full statehood for Jammu and division of Kashmir into two UTs one exclusively for victims of Genocide namely Hindus of Kashmir.

Reiterating the position of IkkJutt Jammu on Fraud and fudged census in J&K Mr. Sharma said that it is only because of the fudged census that  a). when in 2002, the number of voters in Jammu were more than Kashmir by 1.41 lakhs, Kashmir’s population was falsely shown to have increased by 14,11,000 in 10 years from 2001 to 2011; b). the average population growth of Jammu Province which was 31% between 1971-2001 dropped to 21% in 2011; c). Due to migration within and outside the state on account of Hindu and Sikh Genocide in Kashmir, the percentage growth in Kashmir’s population should have been lower but it grew by 26% post 1991; d). population of Muslims as a %age of total population increased by 4.12% whilst that of Hindus and Sikhs fell by 4.27%.

Ankur Sharma further emphasized that Delimitation at this stage and that too on the basis of fraud 2011 census will consolidate subversives, Jihadists, Islamists and further perpetuate Jammu and Kashmir as a non secular, theocratic Muslim Domain apart from rest of India.

While demanding the winding up of the new Delimitation Commission Ankur Sharma warned the Union Government that any follow up on Delimitation in the given circumstances will be a betrayal of National Interests in J&K. The same would be a naked conspiracy to defeat the very purpose of abrogation of Article 370. The only further way to take abrogation to its logical conclusion is reorganizing the state once again by dividing Kashmir into two UTs and granting full statehood to Jammu.

Ankur Sharma further stated, “the fraud of 2011 Census was aimed to destroy Dogra Hindus politically, socially, culturally and economically and create the basic foothold for Demographic Jihad in Jammu.

While tweeting yesterday President IkkJutt Jammu Ankur Sharma had said, “Islamisation of Himalayas, Cradle of Sanatana Indic Civilsation is Pakistan’s Strategic Imperative for Ghazwa-e-Hind. Creation of a Geopolitical Hindu Foothold within Kashmir should be India’s first step as response. Protecting Jammu’s Hindu Demography another. Divide Kashmir, Notify Jammu, a separate State”.

Ankur Sharma urged the Prime Minister and Union Home minister to eschew the sinister idea of conducting Delimitation and immediately reorganize JK UT into 2 UTs and one state namely State of Jammu.

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