Much hyped meeting does not elicit any hope:Panun Kashmir

In a press statement issued by Dr Ajay Chrungoo, Chairman, Panun Kashmir on the proposed meeting on Jammu and Kashmir in New Delhi on 24 th June 2021 stated that,”the much hyped meeting on Jammu and Kashmir does not elicit any hope in the entire internally displaced population of Hindus of Kashmir living for three decades outside Kashmir valley in Jammu and rest of India. We cannot ignore the hard reality that this meeting is happening in the backdrop of resumption of selective genocidal killings of Hindus living in Kashmir at present. Two Kashmiri Hindu Councillors have fallen to the bullets of Islamist terrorists in addition to the two Hindu businessmen who somehow were managing to live in Kashmir. None amongst the leadership of Government of India, national political parties as well as regional parties of Jammu and Kashmir have chosen to recognise these killings as the continuation of genocide of Hindus of Kashmir. To be very clear the meeting in New Delhi is happening while sinister efforts are on to deny the genocide of Hindus of Kashmir, create a drama of their return and rehabilitation and submit the hapless victims to the mercy of genocidal Muslim order in Kashmir.
In our view most of the persons who have been invited to the 24th June meeting are Deniers of Hindu Genocide. Some of them are abettors of this genocide while some are complicit in inciting Genocidal killing of Hindus of Kashmir. These inciters have been taking public stance that Kashmiri Hindus had left Kashmir at the behest of then governor of Jammu and Kashmir in 1990 only to facilitate the destruction of Muslims of Kashmir. This malicious assertion sustained for more than decades has the sinister motive of unleashing more hate against Hindus of Kashmir and create justification for more killings and massacres. Recent killings of Hindus and the massacres of Hindus of Kashmir in Sangrampora, Wandahama,, Telivani and Nadimarg were directly a result of these incitations.
We have no hesitation in stating that Government of India has been at the forefront of Denial of Genocide campaigns against Hindus of Kashmir. It has to be borne in mind that the present Government in New Delhi while explaining the ban on Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front is on record of having said that the organisation was responsible for unleashing Genocide on Kashmiri Hindus (Kashmiri Pandits). Yet this Government still treats the issue of religious cleansing of Hindus of Kashmir as a migration.
Isn’t it poignantly ironical that Government of India was one of the pioneers of the United Nations Convention on Prevention and Punishment of Crime of Genocide and Indian Parliament has ratified this Convention decades back in 1950s and yet there is no law in the legal system of India to prevent and Punish the Crime of Genocide.
Government of India has a shameful and criminal history of ignoring the genocides inflicted on Hindus in Pakistan, Bangladesh, parts of West Bengal and Kashmir. Government of India never took cognisance of Genocide inflicted on Bengalis in Bangladesh and Balouch population in Pakistan. Pakistan is a Genocidal state. Pakistan is also the epicentre of Jihadi Pan Islamic terrorism. Indian State has closed its eyes to this reality and consistently treated Pakistan as a normal State. It has deprived the people of India and the globe of the foremost resistance that should have been offered to prevent duplication of genocides and spread of Pan Islamic terrorism. Inability of India to stand up to Pakistani designs is not only dangerous for people of India but for the people living in the entire globe.
We want to state it emphatically that in Jammu and Kashmir there is no struggle for freedom going on. In fact in the name of freedom a very organised and militarised effort is on to destroy all the freedoms that mankind should have. We also want to state without mincing any words that the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir under Article 370 was a Muslim State on the territory of secular India. Special STATUS OF Jammu and Kashmir guaranteed by Article 370 was based on the same principle on which Pakistan was created. Neutering of 370 was a liberating act. It was a decolonising act. It is a shame that Government of India has shirked so far to state so. It is doing so to keep the de facto Muslim State of Jammu and Kashmir live and kicking only to purchase an elusive peace from Islamists.
We agree that Jammu and Kashmir is a place inhabited by people. But we want the world to recognise that in Jammu and Kashmir state with Special Status almost half of the population mostly non-Muslims were subjected to the servitude of a Muslim State. Indian political class, particularly the Congress and left called such a dispensation as the epitome of secularism only to hide the Muslim communal cauldron going on from inside.
Panun Kashmir warns the people of India and the international community that Jihad has mastered the art of using democratic space. it has developed the expertise to use the basic human freedoms which democratic countries guarantee in different measures to use them as insulation to ultimately destroy them. We have witnessed the emergence of jihad in the democratic set up of Jammu and Kashmir. Democratic world at many places is also witnessing the emergence of Jihad. Preventing Jihadi forces to use freedom spaces is the challenge of the present times. If we fail in this venture, we will perish.
Hindus of Kashmir appeal to Prime Minister of India to recognise the Genocide inflicted on Hindus of Kashmir, take cognisance of the Panun Kashmir Prevention of Genocide and Atrocities Bill already submitted to him, enact a law on Prevention and Punishment of Genocide and address the issue of Hindus of Kashmir not as an issue of tokenist return but as an issue of putting a halt on the genocidal process, denial of genocide campaigns and identify the perpetrators of this genocide to eventually punish them.
Panun Kashmir is clear that neutering of Article 370 and reorganising Jammu and Kashmir state into two Union Territories is a welcome measure but only a half measure. Political division of Kashmir to create one more Union Territory north and East of River Jhelum for the rehabilitation of Hindus of Kashmir and granting separate statehood to Jammu is the only way to defeat Jihad and bring peace to the region.
Hindus of Kashmir are aboriginals of Kashmir, their identity is integral with the identity of Saraswats. They have contributed immensely to the fund Human civilisation. They have been the frontline victims of Jihad. Kashmiri Hindus are determined to awaken the opinion of people of India and world at large to rise up and defeat Jihad at all levels for the peace of the mankind.”

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