Vacation bench of the Delhi High Court holds virtual hearing till 11:30 pm

Setting a precedent, a vacation bench of single-judge Jasmeet Singh on Monday held a virtual hearing till midnight.

Early in the morning, Justice Jasmeet Singh had assembled for a hearing in a division bench with Justice Anup Jairam Bhambhani at 10.30 am and heard around 19 cases listed before the bench. Thereafter, at 3 pm, Justice Jasmeet Singh again assembled the Court as a single-judge bench and started hearing matters listed before it.

Around 40 cases were listed before the single-judge bench, The High Court Judge kept burning the midnight oil and heard matters for continuous 13 hours.

As a division bench, he heard a matter relating to the WhatsApp petition challenging the Competition Commission of India’s (CCI’s) June 4 notice, some habeas corpus among others. The bench took various miscellaneous petitions including bail among others.

During the hearing of the last matter, senior advocate Dayan Krishnan urged Justice Jasmeet Singh if he could ask a question on a lighter note, and inquired about Singh’s favorite sports during his childhood. Senior advocate Dayan Krishnan asked Justice Jasmeet Singh, was it a marathon race. The Judge and lawyers smiled at the question said that it was this spirit of the lawyers that helped hold the matter till midnight.

The summer vacation in the Delhi High Court began on June 5 and will continue to remain closed till July 3. The vacation bench of the Delhi High Court is holding a hearing three days a week — Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Earlier also various benches of Delhi High Court held hearing till late evening and some benches adjourned the hearing for another day after it could not take up various matters on that day.

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