J-K administration upgrades silk factory in Srinagar with latest machinery

The Jammu and Kashmir administration has upgraded the building and machinery at the old silk factory in Srinagar which were damaged by floods.

The factory building and the machinery got damaged due to the floods in 2014, which subsequently affected silk production. Seeing the situation, the World Bank funded the upgradation initiative by the administration.


Presently, silk production has increased multifold and done away with the hardships of the weavers to frequently repair the machines.

The employees at the factor appreciated the thoughtful step taken by the administration as handling new machinery with latest technology has reduced physical work and given a boost to the quantity of silk produced at the factory.

Javaid Shah, an employee at the factory, said, “Our old machines were damaged because of the floods and we did not enjoy working there. Here we have new machines which are working smoothly. Our productivity has also increased and we enjoy working here.”

“It is a good initiative taken by the administration,” said another employee, Mehmooda, adding that the production has significantly increased and operating new machines is easier.

Machinery with the latest technology has brought relief to the weaver, said Isaaq Ahmad, a weaver at the factory.

“We had a lot of problems earlier. The machines did not work half the time. Regular repairing was required. The silk produced here would be cleaner and production will definitely increase. With the digital machines, it will give the weavers much needed rest,” he said.


Ranjan Prakash Thakur, Commissioner Secretary of Industries and Commerce in the union territory said, “Because of the floods, machines got severely damaged and people at the factory faced a lot of hardships. The renovation was much needed. The richness and variety in the work of artisans of Kashmiri weavers are commendable.”

He further told ANI that the Centre provided funds of about Rs 30,000 crore directly, which will be used for generating employment.

“Such a scheme has not been given to any other state before,” Thakur stressed.

By establishing technologically advanced machinery, silk production has got a new lease of life in Srinagar.

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