AIIMS prepares for possible COVID-19 third wave, trains nursing staff in pediatric care

As part of its efforts to prepare for a third possible COVID-19 wave, nurses at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Delhi are undergoing a three-day training programme at the hospital’s pediatric department.

The rotational training programme began on July 12 and was done in three batches over three days, sources told ANI. They added that training will be imparted to nurses from all wards of the hospital’s COVID-19 department.

AIIMS Delhi College of Nursing is coordinating the programme.

During the devastating second COVID-19 wave earlier this year, the country saw children getting affected, of which a few were severely affected.

Pediatric departments of hospitals also reported post-COVID symptoms in children, especially MISC (Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children), for which hospitals had to pay special attention.

A few weeks ago, a joint survey by the WHO and AIIMS found that sero-prevalence was 55.7 per cent in the below 18 years of age group and 63.5 per cent in the 18+ age group.

A Lancet India Task Force had also earlier commissioned an advisory, highlighting the planning, protocol and policy guidelines for pediatricians, ahead of a likely third wave of Covid-19 that is speculated to impact children.

The intensive care chapter of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics is also working on training 6,000 pediatricians to tackle adults also for the last six months. Along with this, pediatricians hailing from B-grade towns, C-grade towns and small villages, are also being trained.

In the last 24 hours, India reported 38,792 new COVID-19 cases, 41,000 recoveries, and 624 deaths, as per the Health Ministry.

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