PM Modi asks BJP MPs to defeat Cong lies with truth, make people aware about govt work

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked Bharatiya Janata Party Members of Parliament to take truth and facts about the government’s work before the people so that the opposition’s lies won’t fill the vacuum created by lack of communication or truth.

At the BJP’s parliamentary party meeting, PM Modi urged the MPs to keep telling people the truth to defeat lies propagated by opposition, especially Congress.

Sources said that the Prime Minister expressed concern over the sense of entitlement of Congress which is preventing them to even fulfil their role as opposition.

“He said that Congress isn’t worried about its voter base (jan aadhar). And still has sense of entitlement that it has ruled the country for 60 years and it is because of this that they haven’t been able to digest the fact that people have chosen us. He said despite their fate in elections of West Bengal, Assam they aren’t fulfiling their responsibility as opposition. PM Modi said as an opposition, they should take up issues of people’s welfare strongly which they aren’t doing,” stated the source.

Union Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi while briefing about today’s parliamentary party meet stated that the Prime Minister showed concern about the attitude of opposition.

“Especially Congress thinks power is their right and they work according to this mindset. PM wants discussions in Parliament to be fruitful, Congress is showing most irresponsible behaviour by disrupting the Houses. Be it vaccines or poor welfare schemes, MPs have been asked to ensure this. 41 crores have been vaccinated. PM Modi has also expressed concern that even in Delhi frontline warriors haven’t been vaccinated,” Joshi added.

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