Not lip service, KPs need effective participation in decision making process: GLR

Girdhari Lal Raina Prabhari of Kashmir Displaced District (KDD) unit of BJP J&K and former Member of Legislative council has asked different political parties in Jammu Kashmir to stop enticing by paying lip service to the Displaced Community of Kashmir. Cautioning the community against political traps laid by the parties who are primarily responsible for marginalization, exclusion and expulsion of the religious minority of Kashmir valley, Ex-MLC said mere statements of intent does not mean anything. He asked these parties to involve the Displaced Community in policy planning and decision making process within the party first before promising something for the future. These opportunist political parties use certain individuals to showcase them as community representatives without even empowering them within party apparatus, he stated. GLR stressed that none of these political organizations have given any responsible position to any member from the religious minority of Kashmir valley, how can one expect them to deliver in future.

It is an internationally recognised fact that participation of persons belonging to minority communities in public affairs including political, social and cultural life of the place they live in is essential to fight exclusion, he asserted. GL Raina further added that enforced displacement has added to the need in Kashmir. Community is conscious of the fact that to make participation effective and meaningful for people belonging to minorities it is important to ensure that representatives of the community have measurable influence on the decisions taken.

Political parties in J&K; be that NC, PDP or Congress have reduced the participation of minorities of Kashmir valley to a mere spectacle GL Raina opined. Displaced Community is no longer prepared to be used for votes and as tools to exhibit secular and pluralistic credentials of these discredited parties. Ex-MLC urged the Displaced Community to take full advantage of the recently launched web portal for encroached immovable property.

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