Youth4Panun Kashmir to undertake Nationwide Campaign and Membership Drive

On the occasion of 11th Foundation day Youth4Panun Kashmir  organized a virtual meet of all activists expressing solidarity with the mission of separate Homeland for exiled seven lakh Kashmiri Hindus.

On this occasion Rahul Kaul, President announced that for next one year Youth4Panun Kashmir will undertake SAMPARK SANKLAP YATRA, where all activists would make contact with all likeminded organizations in India and overseas  bringing them on board for the larger objective of separate Homeland in valley. Speaking on the occasion Sh. Rahul Kaul also declared a massive membership drive to enroll new activists in Youth4PanunKashmir to strengthen the movement further.

Rahul Razdan, General Secy of the organisation said the entire campaign would connect with not just with Youth of Kashmiri Hindu community but with all nationalists across globe and make the movement of “Panun Kashmir” a massive global movement to garner global support towards reclaiming Homeland for Kashmiri Hindus along with citizens of India.

Speaking on the occasion, Vitha Chowdhary, Organizing Secretary of organization said, the opportunity is ripe and community today is galvanized for its objective of reclaiming Homeland “Panun Kashmir” Creation of  Panun Kashmir now is much easier and constituently more viable than it was before the reorganization of the erstwhile state of J&K, adding that a mere notification under Section 7 of the Reorganization Act 2019 is sufficient to create Panun Kashmir – A territory to the east and north of river Vitasta ( Jehlum)



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