While interacting with a high-powered delegation of J&K UT Employees United front, Mr. Ravinder Raina President J&K BJP has called for a comprehensive regularization and a wage policy in J&K. He further said that it is a legacy of the previous regimes and governments that casual/daily rated workers with least hope of regularization and non-payment of decent wages are working in departments there. He further said during the last Legislative Assembly he along with other companion BJP legislators had vociferously raised the issue of strict implementation of Minimum Wages Act and a time bound regularization of all daily rated/casual /contractual workers. More so, the process of making them online on government portals have also been started during that time. He also said that they stand committed to the welfare and well being of the less-privileged and less-taken-care-of sections of the society. They are who run the affairs of the government. While on the other side they are those for whom the establishment cares least.
Mr. Pathania said
Mr. Ranbir Singh Pathania, Spokesperson J&K BJP said ‘Right to regularization within a fair period of time’ and ‘right to minimum wages’ are fundamental rights enshrined under the Constitution of India and further affirmed and vindicated by the Hon’ble Supreme court of India by virtue of various judicial pronouncements. Since nineties, no regularization policy has been formulated and virtually actualized on ground leading to total exploitation of the unemployed youth of the area. And people who have put in the prime of their life have been forced to lead a life of insecurity and uncertainty.
Mr. Bhupinder Singh Chairman of the front deliberated upon the issues faced by employees of JK. He called for UT-level grade, pension for govt employees of J & K UT.
Other representatives of Employees United Front included Asif Ali Bhat, Kamla Sharma , Devinder Singh, Sohan Lal, Kuldeep Chand, Akhter Abbas, Yasbant Singh, Madhan Lal, Joginder Digra, Farooq Daing, Tirth Singh, Sachin Gupta, Santosh Kumari and others.

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