Panun Kashmir performs ‘Samoohik Shradh at Akhnoor; Appeals for enacting Genocide Bill

Panun Kashmir performed a ‘Samoohik Shradaah’ in remembrance of all Martyrs who sacrificed their lives at the altar of upholding Sanatan civilization values in Kashmir. ‘Samoohik Shraadh’ for the members of the community and Indian Security forces was performed in the morning hours of Tuesday 5 October, at the historic bank of river Chanderbagha / Chenab popularly known as ‘Jia Pota Gath.’ The event was broadcasted live to global audience through PK ReHinGe face book page where hundreds of community members including the kiths and kins of martyrs participated.

Samoohik Shraadh was performed by the senior activist of Panun Kashmir Pran Raina and attended by the many survivors of martyrs Subash premi, Ashutosh Thaploo, Vikas Raina, Hira Lal Bali, Sanjay Pandita and others physically and online. Addressing the global audience from Jia Pota Gath, Vikas Raina son of martyred Ashok kumar Raina while narrating the incident in which his father was martyred said Kashmiri Hindus were targeted killings at the behest of Pakistan and not random killing.

The Shraadh was attended through virtual mode by noted community leaders and social activists ,prominent among them were  Nancy Kaul (Delhi),.Rahul Kaul President Y4PK(Pune),  Vithal Choudhary Organising,Secy Y4PK(Delhi) who also hosted the event on Zoom Platform alongwith .Lakshmi Kaul(UK),Rajesh Kachroo (USA),Sandeep Aima (UAE),Sid Kaul (Aus.),Pawan Durani (Delhi).

Dr Ajay Chrungoo, Chairman , Panun Kashmir while expressing the sanctity of the day said, this is the first time in 30 years of exile that the Samoohik Shraadh was performed on this day, and it was the collective aspiration of all activists to offer Shradanjali to all our martyred community members and those members of Indian security forces who laid down their lives upholding the dignity and territorial integrity of India.

He added that it is time the government of India must officially recognize Genocide as the crime and enact the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide & Atrocities Bill proposed by Panun Kashmir. This will not only punish the perpetrators of Genocide in valley but act as a deterrent against its multiplication in other parts of India.

In a video message delivered by Ramesh Manvati said it is for the first time in 30 years of exile that a collective Shraadh was performed in accordance to the earliest available treasure of this Sanskrit text Nilamata Purana ( 6/7 century AD) which mentions that ‘Shradaah of those killed by ‘weapons/ violence’ should be observed on the fourteenth day of Ashwin Maas Krishna Paksha (Moon Waning fortnight of Ashwin month) or commonly known as ‘Pitr Paksha.

Tito Ganju while highlighting the relevance of observing the day in memory of all martyrs at Jia Pota gath said this is the place where Maharaja Gulab Singh was coroneted with Raj Tilak by the lion of Punjab, Maharaja Ranjeet Singh, adding that the advice offered by the great King to Maharaja Gulab Singh to stay grounded while applying Raj Tilak upside down has a deep and intense message for the exiled Hindu community today.

The event was ably compeered by Kanwal Peshin, noted social activist and theater personality who narrated the name of hundreds of martyred community members with their martyrdom date. The event was attended by Daya Krishen Koul, Bihari Lal Koul, S K Kitchloo, S K Sher, Ravinder Gurtoo, Rakesh Peer, Rajinder Koul, besides newly appointed team of Jagati Camp. Pyare Lal Pandita, Kuldeep Razdan, Ravi ji Raina, M L Padroo.

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