Hindus of Kashmir caught up between Genocide and Denial of Genocide:Panun Kashmir

Panun Kashmir demands creation of a Genocide Tribunal on the pattern of Nuremberg Tribunal to try the perpetrators and collaborators of the ongoing genocide against Hindus of Kashmir. For doing this there is an imperative urgent necessity to adopt a law for prevention and punishment of crime of Genocide in the Parliament. Panun Kashmir had already submitted a draft Panun Kashmir Prevention of Genocide and Atrocities Bill to GoI. So far GoI has chosen to avoid to move in this direction.

Panun Kashmir wants once again to apprise the Nation and the world opinion at large that Hindus of Kashmir are caught between the Genocidal war unleashed on them by Jihadi forces with State of Pakistan as it’s prime abettor and the Denial of Genocide Policy of GoI.

We want to state it unequivocally that the PM employment package for internally displaced Hindus of Kashmir has been a brazen Denial of Genocide Policy. It has nothing to do with return and rehabilitation of Hindus of Kashmir. Instead it has been aimed to hostage internally displaced Hindus to a fascist Muslim order in Kashmir.And we are anxious and concerned about the PM package employees working in Kashmir post the recent killings and consequently leading to another exodus. We stand in solidarity with them and assure our complete support.

GoI has so far squarely failed in responding to the new enthusiasm pumped into the Jihadi separatism in J&K and rest of India after the takeover of Afghanistan by Talibaan.

GoI has no option but to recognise Genocide of Hindus of Kashmir. It has no option other than declaring Pakistan a terrorist state. The procrastination on these issues is costing the nation at many levels.

Panun Kashmir wants to state once again eloquently that division of Kashmir to create a Union Territory for return and rehabilitation of Hindus of Kashmir is an imperative necessity not only to reverse Hindu genocide but to defeat the religious fascist Jihadi war in Jammu and Kashmir and rest of India whose epicentre lies in the State of Pakistan.

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