‘ Jammu Declaration ‘ to drive the political narrative of J&K. “Dixon Plan cannot succeed as long as we exist in Jammu and Kashmir.”: Rana

In a landmark political transition a political heavy weight Devender Singh Rana, ex Provincial President and a senior member of National Conference joined Bhartiya Janta Party along with ex minister and National Conference leader Surjeet Singh Slathia in a ceremony held at BJP headquarter in New Delhi.

The joining took place in presence of Dr Jitender Singh, MoS PMO, Dharamender Pradan, Cabinet Minister, Tarun Chug, National General Secretary, Jugal Kishore Sharma, MP,  Ravinder Raina, President, BJP JK, Nirmal Singh, ex Deputy CM J&K, Kavinder Gupta, ex Deputy CM.

While addressing media and other attendees Devender Singh Rana said, “In my long political journey came a stage when I came up with ‘Jammu  Declaration’ and tried to build a narrative for inclusive Jammu and Kashmir . A narrative ‘from Jammu’ ‘for jammu and for entire Jammu and Kashmir. He added that it was after due consultations with all parties (Jammu region) that I drafted ‘Jammu Declaration’

Hinting towards the constitutional changes made on 5 August, 2019 he said “After ‘eik Nishan, eik Vidaan, eik Pradaan’ it was my personal belief that the political narrative should now be for Jammu region because the people of Jammu have their own aspirations and expectation.” Adding “the people of Jammu have this feeling of step motherly  and depravity so it was incumbent upon us to lend voice to Jammu through Jammu Declaration”. He said, “ We firmly belive that such a narrative will strengthen the country and J&K.”

He said, “The deliberations with various groups, members of civil society, intellectuals did see some difference of opinion along with a difference of opinion in his party (National Conference). While appreciating the support of BJP e said, “The local BJP and central leadership with whom I had due deliberations were forth coming on Jammu Declaration.”

Rana further added, “I believe it is time that Jammu should have its voice and a narrative for Jammu and Kashmir, emphasizing that Jammu too has a right to have a political narrative for Jammu and Kashmir after all the state was carved out by Dogras.” Adding that the Jammu and Kashmir was carved out out of the sacrifice of Dogras and Dogras must have a political narrative on Jammu and Kashimir.”  Adding
“It will be our endeavored effort.”

Devender Rana said, “Under the leadership of BJP, PM Narender Modi, HM Amit Shah and all the political elite of party to work to create a narrative and a place for Jammu in Jammu and Kashmir and in the country to strengthen the secular ethos.”

Taking at dig at divisive and anti national elements he said, “There are people who are trying to weaken the secular ethos of Jammu and Kashmir and there are some people who are the perpetrators of the ‘Dixon Plan’. “Jammu Declaration, he said will defeat the plan of those who want the Dixon Plan to succeed. Emphatically declaring, “Dixon Plan cannot succeed as long as we exist in Jammu and Kashmir.” He said, we will not allow the Dixon Plan and its supporters to succeed and defeat the people who stand for the country and have nationalist approach.”

In his concluding remarks on joining BJPin New Delhi, he said, “We have joined the party and we are sure that the in national interest the party will help us take forward the aspirations of the people of Jammu who feel relegated and have a sense of deprivation.


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