Opposition to clampdown on Terrorists unfortunate; Govt. must define Distress Sale: Girdhari Lal Raina

Girdhari Lal Raina former MLC and spokesperson of BJP_JK has censured Kashmir centric sectarian political parties for questioning clampdown on terrorists and their sympathisers in the aftermath of selective killing of Minority community members. That they are opposing even detaining of stone pelters and other anti-social elements for questioning speaks about intentions and priorities of these leaders, he said.
These political parties who are primarily responsible for the plight of the religious minority of Kashmir are trying to rescue elements involved in terrorist violence, Raina added. This is an effort to stop common people who are appalled by selective killings from coming out on streets against forces of death & destruction, GL Raina Opined. Ex-MLC strongly condemned efforts of biased politicians for opposing government efforts to retrieve encroached property of the Displaced Community. Accusing them of propagating misrepresentation of facts and misleading public about so called “legal sales” instead of “Distress Sales”, GL Raina asked them to explain resale of Hindu property to government or another party within months at much higher rates than paid to the original owners who were away from their places. Politicians –Land Mafia involved in this immoral exercise is well known and widespread.
GL Raina repeated that all these political parties were also responsible for illegal encroachment, malicious destruction and wanton annihilation of left behind immovable property of the community. With the ill intention of erasing even traces of the ancient they vandalised and usurped even religious property that represents the historical continuity, former MLC opined. GL Raina who is also prabhari of the Kashmir Displaced District (BJP-KDD) asked the UT administration to properly define “Distress Sale” under the Jammu and Kashmir Migrant Immovable Property (Preservation, Protection and Restraint on Distress Sales) Act, 1997. He further asked for making available revenue records of pre-1989- period including ‘Jamabandi’; Girdawari’ and ‘Masauvis’ and bringing forth alterations made post Displacement.
Congratulating the UT administration for developing the portal for registration of complaints regarding encroachment and mutations based on fabricated documents, Ex-MLC cautioned against arbitral disposal of complaints by authorities just to beat the timeline.
GL Raina asked the community not to fall prey to misleading propaganda and to remain watchful against divisive forces attempting to divert focus of the community from its core concerns to undermine the struggle for survival spread over decades.

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