Separate Jammu State the only lasting solution: IkkJutt Jammu

Advocate Ankur Sharma, President Ikkjutt Jammu while addressing a press conference at the party headquarters today. “Except for a brief period of 370/35-A abrogation, we are witnessing a continuous process of defeating the purpose of removal of Article 370. Jammu Province has further been pushed to a permanent inferior status and it continues to be a colony of Kashmir thanks to the unfortunate perpetuation of 70 Years’ old State of India’s Nehruvian Policy Paradigm on J&K” he emphasised.

“The otherwise historic reforms of August 5, 2019 have miserably failed to produce the desired results and the people of Jammu Province continue to groan under the yoke of Kashmiri, Communal, bigoted, Islamist, oppressive and totalitarian eco-system aided and backed by the Govt. at Delhi” said Advocate Ankur

Given such a situation, “Separate Jammu state is the only panacea available to meet the national requirement, empower people of the province to manage their own affairs, defeat enemies working day and night to change Jammu’s Demography and create Kashmir-like situation in this strategic region,” asserted Ankur Sharma. The people of Jammu province will rise in revolt sooner than later if the powers-that-be in New Delhi continue to treat Jammu as a Kashmir’s colony in its desperate bid to appease, please and pamper the Jihadis in Kashmir, he warned.

Justifying the demand for separate Jammu State, Ankur Sharma said that the manner in which State of India remains Jihad Blind and is itself leading the blur campaign in favour of Jihad, the manner in which jihadi leadership in Kashmir identified itself with Taliban, Pakistan and China; the manner in which the terrorists targeted and brutally murdered innocent peaceful Hindus and Sikhs in Kashmir, including the poor Hindu labourers from Bihar and other places; manner in which the authorities treated the votaries of “Islamic rule and Sharia, Afghanistan-type”; the manner the people of Jammu province were ill-treated and excluded from all walks of life, including the vital service sector, even after the abrogation of Article 370 and 35A have once again established that Jammu Province and Kashmir Valley just can’t be maintained as a single political unit.

“To maintain Jammu and Kashmir Valley as a single political unit will be only to help the protagonists of Shari law/Nizam-e-Mustafa convert Jammu alike Kashmir, cause Hindu-Sikh migration from Jammu and achieve the age-old objective: separation of J&K from India and its merger with Pakistan,” said Ikkjutt Jammu President. He added that “separation of Jammu from Kashmir alone could avert the impending disaster in Jammu province and help the nation in this sensitive border region”. He said: “If the national interest is to be protected and promoted further in the region, unabated Hindu Genocide and exodus has to be prevented and Jihadists have to be comprehensively defeated.

Ankur Sharma also tore into the votaries of early elections based on the fudged & fraud 2011 census based delimitation and grant of full state status to the UT of J&K. Separation of Jammu as a full fledged State is the only way ahead and people and Jammu will not accept any fraud against them by the Govt. in Delhi. Doing anything otherwise would be dancing to the tunes of the protagonists of Islamist rule in J&K. “Delimitation based on the 2011 fudged census figure, grant of statehood status to the J&K UT & elections in J&K without Jammu’s separation would mean more rivets in the chain of Jammu’s slavery, and a compromise on National interest” asserted Ikkjutt Jammu President, adding that “the such elections in J&K will be an elixir to the life of jihadists in Kashmir and will be a deadly poison for th…

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