Shun Blinkers of Appeasement & Wishful thinking; Recognize JIhad; Declare Pakistan a Terrorist State

Panun Kashmir in a press conference held in Jammu came down heavily on government  of India’s denial of Hindu Genocide in J&K and the stoic silence leading to another gross denial of the real contours of the issue. Addressing the press Dr Ajay Chrungoo, Chairman said, “The reluctance to state unambiguously and eloquently that Hindus in Kashmir have been subjected to genocide and a religious fascist Jihadi war is being waged in Jammu and Kashmir by the terrorist war machine of Pakistan has allowed Jihadi Terror foot soldiers to masquerade as freedom fighters and Pakistan to flaunt itself as a supporter of cause of freedom.

He added, “What has been happening in Jammu and Kashmir is not a law and order problem. It is not merely a problem of terrorism. Whatever is happening is a clear expression of a Jihadi war. Genocidal attrition of Hindus along with other nationalist people as well as military attrition going hand in hand is integral to this war form.” Issuing a repeated advice to government of India, Dr Chrungoo said, “Pakistan is a terrorist state and India should declare it as a Terrorist State without further delay.”

While lamenting on the policy adopted by Indian state, he said, “Government of India should understand the situation in Jammu and Kashmir without the blinkers of appeasement and wishful thinking.”

While expressing the serious concern over PM Employment Package, Dr Chrungoo said, “Hindus living in Kashmir are facing a genocide and policy of employment of internally displaced Hindus in Kashmir the GoI has been pursuing is by implication a policy of Denial of Hindu Genocide in Kashmir” He added, “We also want to state it unequivocally that Hindu employees living in Kashmir are like caged pigeons threatened at all times places by a genocidal Jihadi war. Government policy with regard to them is a policy of hostaging them to a Muslim fascist communal order. They are the frontline victims of a Denial of Genocide policy besides the direct targets of Jihadi war.”

Dr Chrungoo while expressing the stand of Panun Kashmir over Afghanistan said, ” With a deep sense of responsibility and awareness about the implications of Afghanistan being taken over by Talibaan we appeal to Govt of India not to further dither from calling the problem by its real name. Jihad has to be called Jihad and Genocide of Hindus as Genocide.”

Cautioning the government Panun Kashmir leader said,” We want to state it without hesitation that the Jihadi terror in Jammu and Kashmir has the connivance of significant sections of society, organs of society and subversive tentacles within administration. Adding,” Jihad has become like an Agricultural enterprise in Jammu and Kashmir and terror crops are being grown from inside as well. Destroying Terror Agriculture should be the foremost priority of GoI rather than merely killing terrorists which is like cutting the leaves and leaving the poisonous plant intact.”

Dr Ajay Chrungoo while stressing on further reorganization of J&K categorically said,” For defeating the Jihadi war in Jammu and Kashmir and for reversing Hindu Genocide further reorganisation of Jammu and Kashmir is a critical necessity. Takeover of Afghanistan by Talibaan has created an imperative necessity and urgency to divide Kashmir. Creation of a Panun Kashmir north and east of River Jhelum for permanent rehabilitation of all Hindus expelled from Kashmir and separation of Jammu are critical requirements for peace in the region.”

Panun Kashmir addresses press.

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