Shamsher Singh highlights public issues

Shamsher Singh Manhas while addressing highlighted need for exemption of toll tax for residents of Kathua at Lakhanpur toll Post. He raised concern on poor road connectivity in region of Basohli, Billawar, Bani etc. and widening of Lakhanpur-Mahanpur-Basohli road, widening of Dayalachak-Shallan road and improvement of Sukarala-Machhedi road for boosting tourism in the area.

Manhas raised need for installation of Mobile towers for good mobile network in hilly and rural areas. He asked for the salaries of contractual works which need to be released. He said that powers cuts between 5 p.m. -10 p.m. should be stopped in rural areas. He said that staff attached during Covid duties at Lakhanpur immediately to be reverted back to their concerned department for smooth functioning of all the departments. He asked for compensation to be given to farmers in recent hail storm in entire District Kathua. He said that mining blocks to be regularized in Kathua for prevention of illegal mining and loss of royality to government exchequer.

Manhas highlighted that construction of Billawar Hospital stopped since from last 4 years due to lack to funds but release of funds to be released as soon as possible and PHC to be constructed. He said that funds for development work for common person given to DDC and BDC Chairperson/Member to be upgraded. He raised need for clearance from the forest department in certain areas to be given fast for early construction of road works. He said that Chenab-Pargwal bridge construction stopped due to lack of funds needs to be released early. He also said that PMGSY, NGEGA and other government schemes to be executed through the elected BDC/DDC chairperson for best output. He also insisted that Capex budget to be gone through elected BDC/DDC Chairperson keeping under consideration of this thing that the discrimination between Samba/Jammu ST shall be resolved.

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