Delhi rubbing salt on the wounds of Jammu: Prof Hari Om

The ruling BJP has been rubbing salt on the wounds of the bleeding nation and humiliating Jammu almost on a daily-basis in its desperate bid to further pamper, appease and please the Jihad-gripped Kashmir ignoring the dangerous ramifications of what it has been doing. Its latest recommendation made through the Indian National Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO that Srinagar city should be added to the list of the UNESCO creative cities network for its “commitment to placing culture and creativity at the heart of their development and to sharing knowledge and good practices” and its acceptance by the UNESCO on November 8 should leave none in any doubt whatsoever that an insidious influence was at work to defeat the great objective of the August 2019 reform scheme  by an unholy alliance between certain compromised elements in the administration and protagonists of jihad in Kashmir. All this was stated by the patron of Ikkjutt Jammu, Prof Hari Om, while calling the bluff of the so-called nationalistic BJP and exposing its double-speak and appease-Kashmir policy. He was addressing presspersons at the party headquarters in Jammu.
“It must remain a matter of shame that the BJP government at the centre further rewarded Srinagar whose leadership is known for converting the city into a den of anti-India intrigues and conspiracies and into the capital of secessionists of all hues; throwing out lock, stock and barrel the non-Muslim minorities, including the original inhabitants, Hindus, or converting it into a one-community region; maiming, lynching and murdering the leftover members of the minority communities and security forces personnel and attacking the symbols of the Indic civilization and Indian state; and which calls all the non-Kashmiri Indians aliens, aggressors and oppressors and openly and in a most brazen manner makes common cause with China, Pakistan and Taliban in Afghanistan and vouches for Islamic rule and Shari laws,” said Prof Hari Om while tearing into the BJP and its government at the centre.

The Ikkjutt Jammu patron said by making the UNESCO include Srinagar in its list of creative cities network, the Union Government not only accorded dangerous respectability to the cult of jihad and politics of exclusion in Kashmir, but also insulted, humiliated, taunted and let down Jammu.

Prof Hari Om said: “It’s Jammu city which created mighty Dogra kingdom in the 19th century consisting of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. It’s Jammu which fought against and defeated again and again secessionists in Kashmir after 1846. It’s Jammu which sacrificed all its rights and interests and acceded the whole of the state to India in October 1947. It’s was Jammu which has been fighting for the national cause in the state and making supreme sacrifices for the nation in this strategic region since 1947. It’s Jammu which is known as the Indian capital of refugees, all victims of jihad, as it welcomed and accommodated cheerfully
the refugees from Pakistan, PoJK and Kashmir, in 1947, 1947-1949 and 1990, and continues to do so even today, ignoring its paramount socio-economic and political rights and interests. It’s Jammu which abolished the obnoxious Begar system in 1919; handed down modern education and justice systems; introduced agrarian reforms to grant proprietary rights to even small and marginal farmers; introduced social reforms to eradicate angularities between castes; and threw open wells and temples for all; and promoted art, literature, architecture and Indian civilization”.

The Ikkjutt Jammu patron added that Jammu constitutes that region in the country which is known for its valour, sacrifices, tolerance, brotherhood and peaceful co-existence. He bemoaned that New Delhi, instead of appreciating its geo-strategic position, role, sacrifices and splendid contributions, has been consistently stabbing Jammu from the back and appeasing Srinagar.
Enough is enough, said Prof Hari Om, adding that Jammu can’t lead the life of servitude any longer. He said: Jammu must be separated from Kashmir and granted the full state status without any further delay so that its citizens lead a dignified and secure life and manage their own social, cultural, economic and administrative affairs and matters themselves and achieve the status Jammu and its citizens legitimately deserve in the polity of the country.

Others present were Ashwani sharma, Sanjeev Chib, Harish kapoor, Vir Vikram, Ajay singh saini, Rajinder jaswal, Manik jamwal, Virender abrol , Mukesh gupta.

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