Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu calls for rethinking construction approach of houses to ensure proper air circulation and sunlight

Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu today called for rethinking the planning and construction approach of houses to ensure proper air circulation and sunlight in indoor spaces. He said, the COVID pandemic gave a timely reminder that the quality of air also determines health and wellbeing. Inaugurating the 2nd Annual International Conference on Interventional Pulmonology- BRONCHUS 2021 virtually from his residence in New Delhi, Mr. Naidu observed that people are much more aware of the importance of respiratory health after the pandemic. He referred to research studies which show airborne transmission of viruses produced by even normal breathing or talking can happen as the viruses stay suspended in the air for hours. He noted that crowded spaces with poor ventilation can pose high infection risk to individuals exposed to stagnant air.

The Vice President called for creating living and working spaces with ample ventilation and natural light and urged the medical fraternity to take this message to the people. He remarked that there has to be greater public outreach both by the government and the civic society on lung and throat cancer caused by the use of tobacco.

Mr. Naidu expressed concern about the deteriorating outdoor air quality in major cities, especially during the winter months. Pointing to climate change and vehicular pollution as important contributing factors, he stressed the need for a serious rethink to approach towards development from a sustainability standpoint. He also called upon people to evaluate one’s lifestyles and try to reduce their carbon footprint to the extent possible.

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