India will have its own space station by the year 2030, says Dr Jitendra Singh in Rajya Sabha

Minister of State for Science and Technology Dr. Jitendra Singh has said, India will have its own space station by the year 2030. In his reply during the Question Hour in the Rajya Sabha today, he said, the first manned space flight Gaganyaan Mission is expected in 2023. As a precursor to the Mission an unmanned flight would be held next year and another robotic mission by the end of next year. He said, the works on Gaganyaan got delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Jitendra Singh also said, the solar mission Aditya is scheduled to be launched in 2022-23. He said, the third Chandrayaan Mission would be launched next year. He added that another mission to study Venus is also being worked out. Dr. Jitendra Singh remarked that India has already ascended in the global space arena as a frontline nation as it celebrates the 75th year of its independence.

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