Panun Kashmir observes Holocaust Day

Panun Kashmir commemorated 32nd Kashmiri Pandits’ Holocaust day on 19th January 2022. The commemoration was organised in both online and offline formats. A Candlelight protest march was organised in genocide survivors’ camps in Jagti, Muthi & Purkhoo. Members of the Kashmiri Pandit communication came out to remember and protest against the genocidal extermination which was triggered on 19th January 1990. With candles and places that read slogans like – ‘We are Genocide Victims/Survivors, Not Migrants’, ‘We Want Panun Kashmir Homeland’, ‘Enact Genocide Bill’, ‘Homeland is our Birthright’ etc., the community showed it’s resistance against the continual genocide while reaffirming it’s geo-political aspirations and struggle to get a legislation enacted in the parliament as proposed through a bill titles ‘Panun Kashmir’s Genocide & Atrocities Prevention Bill 2020’. This bill has been sent and proposed to all the Indian MPs an important decision making offices of the Govt. Of India. In this candlelight march the exiled community paid tributes to the martyrs as well.

The online programme kicked off with a keynote speech by Sh. Tito Ganju about 19 January 1990 mentioning various events that led to this day. The candlelight protest march was also broadcasted live from the genocide survivor camps where the community members raised slogans for justice, recognition and reversal of their genocide. Sh. Pintoo Ji Pandita a well known socio-political activist from Jagti Camp delivered a speech in the commemoration of this day and reflected upon the aspirations of the community from the Jagti Camp.

Post the candlelight demonstration a panel interaction was broadcasted live with Panun Kashmir activists. This interaction had the theme of ‘Remembering 19 January 1990 and Reversal of Genocide’. Panelists who took part in this interaction spoke at length about their personal experiences, political aspects, psychological aspects, social aspects and constitutional aspects of issues that concern the community. The panel consisted of Sh. Bihari Lal Koul, Sh. Daya Krishen Koul, Sh. Satish Sher & Sh. Chand Ji Pandita. The live session was conducted and moderated by Sh. Tito Ganju.

In the conclusion, Dr. Ajay Chrungoo (Chairman, Panun Kashmir), Dr. Agnishekhar (Convenor, Panun Kashmir) joined in to give message on this important day to the community and the nation. They spoke about the absolute need to carve out homeland of Panun Kashmir and enactment of the proposed Panun Kashmir’s Genocide & Atrocities Prevention Bill 2020.

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