EpilogueAround a decade ago, on the cusp of the revolutionary wave we started EPILOGUE with the ambitious aim of creating a monthly magazine, which would tell the stories of SAARC  region where authors, researchers, columnists, activists and common people from around the region would join us to share grassroots perspectives, policy and Governance matters, Legal and social issues on the global struggle which had concurrence to historical events, and the struggles of the region.

Since then this platform has grown into a publication with hundreds of contributors and a monthly readership in tens of thousands. Now, as our publication mature and we collectively look to new horizons, we feel the time has come to take this project to next level –though we were on web since 2007.

Epilogue is the first scholarly, analytical and investigative monthly magazine on SAARC Region which addressed important issues ranging from economy, politics and culture to security and strategic affairs in the region. Epilogue offers a variety of perspectives and plurality of approaches to meet challenges of future and present predicament of our society. EPILOGUE publishes original contributions from scholars, policy experts and journalists having a keen eye on the region and beyond and its special position in world.

We have felt the need of creating an unbiased platform to bring together reflections from young radical thinkers and influential grassroots activists on some of the most important challenges of the current times.

For any grievance, please contact our Grievance Redressal Officer Nitin Dhar, Mob : +919149663184.