Author: Ajay Khosa

‘Swami Ganeshanand ji Maharaj’ attains Nirvana; Samadhi created inside Ashram premises in Jammu

Swami Ganeshanand Ji Maharaj, a highly elevated soul attained Nirvana and Samadhi on 09 November at Jammu. Swami ji originally from Tamil Nadu had settled in Kashmir since his childhood and received spiritual guidance, knowledge of scriptures and expertise in  various traditions of worship through various spiritual masters in Kashmir. […]

Panun Kashmir Movement headed by Ashwani Chrungoo reconstitutes Human Rights committee; KP Activists brand it as malarkey.

A faction of Panun Kashmir (PKM) headed by Ashwani Chrungoo is in news again considering he has once again decided to open a front against government of India at United Nations and other international human rights organizations. In a move to raise the stakes and increase the pressure on Government […]