Author: Som Dutt

Renewable Energy for Future Generation

Energy is a vital component of any society, playing a pivotal role in all round development.The post- oil crises shifted the focus towards renewable resources and energy conservation. Biomass, as a plant biomass, is one such renewable source, which accounts for nearly 33% of a developing countrys’ energy needs. In […]

Exploiting Cactus pear for healthy food

Cactus pear or prickly pear, scientifically known as Opuntiaficus- indica,e,originated in Mexico and spread over arid and semi- arid tracts of several other parts of the world, such as Australia, Africa, USA and the Mediterranean basin and South East Asia.Cactus is cultivated for fruits, vegetable and fodder in Mexico, Italy, […]

Agri-value Chains Empowering Farmers for Employment

The complexities affecting sustainable food production attract attention towards profitability, rural employment, poverty alleviation, marketing, policy issues etc. These issues aim at restoring confidence in our farming which has started declining in income generation and profit making. A silent revolution in diets across the country has encouraged diversification towards high-value […]