Hic hic hurray!

  People who love their daily dose of wine, whiskey, rum, gin, beer or vodka can finally rejoice. There is one state government in the country that really cares for them. If you feel like having a sip, and there is not a drop at home, just log onto an […]

The Chaos Theory

Who knew that a simple hashtag – just a couple of words put together had the power to engulf the society as a whole. Yes, I’m talking about the far-famed #metoo movement. The defender of the women and the microphone for their voice against sexual abuse, misconduct, harassment and assault. […]

Vote Vote Ki Kahani

The last few weeks saw frantic activity in Jammu & Kashmir on account of the local body polls. Even though results are yet to be announced, the voter turnout was on the expected lines, even ‘desired lines’ for a section called separatists. After all, they had given a call for […]


Has Congress lost the plot? Apparently not completely! But to some extent, yes! Watching Congress patriarch Sonia Gandhi and her son, Congress president Rahul Gandhi cleaning plates in Wardha recently makes one wonder whether the change of heart is not because of PM Narendra Modi! Frankly speaking, one has never […]