Loundri- Saroor Panchayat in District Kishtwar: A Victim of Exclusion, Arrogance and Misgovernance

Since the independence, our country has been focussing on implementation of Panchayati raj System and local governance. To achieve this goal, we have adopted Gandhian Dream of peaceful, free and harmonious rural society. Gram Sabha and Village Panchayat, the main instruments are shouldered with bringing liberty, services and securities at […]

Murder Mystery and Media

For the last few weeks most of the electronic media is following the developments in the investigation and the associated activities in respect of the death of the budding star of Indian cinema, Sushant Singh Rajput (SSR). The revelations and the discussions that are telecast incessantly have divided the TV […]

Pakistan Jihadi Factory – How it ruins Kashmir; 12 year old Zaibibullah turns to Jihadi Lashkar Terrorist  

Nestled in God’s lap, and endowed with mesmerizing and enchanting beauty, the valley of Kashmir is a reflection of what the wise men attribute as “God’s special effort in carving out an irresistible charm, bedecking the glory of this world.”  For centuries, the landscape of Kashmir has romanticized and frolicked […]