Exploiting Cactus pear for healthy food

Cactus pear or prickly pear, scientifically known as Opuntiaficus- indica,e,originated in Mexico and spread over arid and semi- arid tracts of several other parts of the world, such as Australia, Africa, USA and the Mediterranean basin and South East Asia.Cactus is cultivated for fruits, vegetable and fodder in Mexico, Italy, […]

Giant underwater touchscreen to test dolphin intelligence

In a first, scientists have developed an eight-foot underwater computer touchscreen for dolphins to study the intelligence and communication skills of the highly social marine mammals. The system Giant underwater touchscreen to test dolphin intelligence features specialised dolphin-friendly “apps” and a symbolic keyboard to provide the dolphins – which are […]

Global ransomware virus found prowling in indian cyberspace; MAHA police dept partially hit

The country’s cyber security agency has alerted Internet users against damaging activities of a strong and globally active ransomware virus- ‘Wannacry’- that critically infects work stations and locks them remotely. In the evening, the Maharashtra Police department said it was partially hit by the ransomware. “Cyber experts have been engaged […]

Humanoid robot NAO to be programmed in hindi

French humanoid robot NAO is being programmed to understand commands in Hindi by an Udaipur-based engineering college. Techno India NJR Institute has purchased the programmable robot from its French developer Aldebaran Robotics for research and education purposes and is working on its language programming. “We purchased the robot for our […]