Chess world championship title to be decided by speedy tiebreaker games today

After a 12 game battle lasting more than 50 hours of play over nearly three weeks ended in 12 straight draws, the chess world championship title will be decided by speedy tiebreaker games today.

In London ,  reigning world  champion Magnus Carlsen of Norway and his   American challenger Fabiano Caruana   will first face off in four games with rapid time controls – 25 minutes plus 10 additional seconds per move for each player.

If  deadlocked , they will play a series of five-minute games. if inconclusive still,   the match will  proceed to  a sudden death format known as    Armageddon game in which a draw will be counted as a win for the player with black pieces.

The winner will get   621,000  US dollars with the runner-up pocketing   508,000 USDollars

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