China’s capital Beijing goes on high alert to curb COVID-19 clusters; Shanghai reports 51 deaths

China’s capital Beijing has gone on high alert as the situation turned grim following the emergence of clusters of COVID-19. The country’s financial hub Shanghai city reported 51 more COVID-19 deaths. Shanghai reported 2,472 local COVID19 cases and 16,983 local asymptomatic infections. After COVID hit the capital, supermarkets in Beijing are flooded with people stocking up essentials.

AIR correspondent reports, Capital Beijing’s Chaoyang district, home to some 3.5m, has rolled out three rounds of nucleic acid testing for its residents starting Monday on alternate days after the district registered 26 locally transmitted COVID19 cases since friday, the most cases in the capital’s latest surge.

Residents in Chaoyang are urged to take a test before going to work on Monday and reduce their social activities as much as possible. Diplomats are also required to take tests. Amid the virus surge, some areas in Chaoyang with the presence of COVID-19 cases saw panic shopping, and several markets suffered a temporary shortage of fresh vegetables on Sunday.

Local media reported, to ease the situation, Beijing’s fresh food e-commerce companies immediately activated emergency response mechanisms to allocate and increase the supply of groceries as directed by authorities. The fresh food and vegetable section had the largest number of shoppers, as people feared for worsening of the situation if more cases are detected after testing. The total domestically transmitted COVID-19 tally in the capital surged to 42 cases, involving six districts in total.

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