Enact ‘Genocide & Atrocities Prevention Bill’; Stop treating Minorities as hostages in Valley

Panun Kashmir organized a public awareness program cum reconstitution of camp units in Buta Nagar camp. The reconstitution of Buta Nagar and Muthi camp units took place in presence of senior Panun Kashmir leadership Dr Agnishekhar, Convenor, Dr Ajay Chrungoo, Chariman, Daya Krishen Koul, Vice Chairman, Bihari Lal Koul, Organizing Secretary.

Ashok Kumar Dhar has been appointed as Buta Nagar camp coordinator with Vimal Hanglu and Bitu jee Koul as two secretaries of the camp. Similarly, T N Koul and Moti lal Koul have been appointed as camp coordinator and secretary respectively for Muthi camp. Maharaj Krishen has been chosen to be a member of central team of Panun Kashmir.

Speaking on the occasion T N Koul, B L Dhar, Vimal Hnaglu and Ashok Kumar Dhar expressed their unflinching support for the cause of separate Union Territory for displaced minorities pf Kashmir as per Margdarshan Resolution 1991. Highlighting the sufferings faced by community and knee jerk approach adopted by successive governments in last 30 years the speakers called upon the leadership of Panun Kashmir present to go for decisive fight against the injustice meted to the community. Lamenting on the current security scenario in valley and the fate of PM Package employees after recent planned targeted executions, the speakers said that nothing has changed in valley for minorities and it is Panun Kashmir as a geo political dispensation which can change the fate of exiled Kashmiri Hindus.

Speaking on the occasion Panun Kashmir leadership, Dr Agnishekhar, Dr Ajay Chrungoo, Bihari Lal Koul and Tito Ganju called upon the Indian state to recognize the Genocide of Hindus of Kashmor officially by passing Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Bill 2020 presented by Panun Kashmir to the government. They said that allowing the perpetrators of Genocide go scot free over last 30 years has emboldened them to strike at will without impunity. Taking strong exceptions of the local administration move stopping the PM package employees from moving back to Jammu they said, it is a matter of concern that at one end the local administration has miserably failed to offer fool proff security to these employees and at the other end stopping them to go to safe location in Jammu.

Panun Kashmir has always been warning the government of the impending crisis in valley with regards to safety and security of minorities especially PM Package employees but the approach of the local administration has been lackadaisical and way short of a concrete response. Minorities are not caged animals who are destined to be confined to the arena of camps in valley, and it is time the government must over look the entire exercise of treating the minorities as hostages in valley to test the troubled waters.