Government formation OR Dissolution of Assembly on cards. Balls soon to be in Governor’s court.

{As per information through reliable sources with Epilogue News Network, the process of government formation in the state of Jammu and Kashmir has gained considerable but  veiled momentum after Durbar move.}

Epilogue News netwrok had posted this update about government formation on 14th of this month.

Today as we speak the “considerable but  veiled momentum” has come in open public purview with emergence of two major groups, BJP-PC alliance and another PDP-Congress-NC alliance where both groups claim their mandate for government formation.

Amidst speculations and inputs from respective parties that NC-PDP-CONGRESS are going in for alliance to form Government in Jammu & Kashmir and likely to meet Governor tomorrow.

Our reliable sources have indicated that Sajad Lone too might meet Governor tonight or tomorrow morning and stake a claim for Government formation.

Amidst all this confusion prevailing in the state about government formation, our sources have hinted at a dissolution of assembly by the governor considering any government which doesnot reflect stability and just mandate will further lead to political instability in already chaotic political atmosphere.


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