Grant UT status to Kashmir and Ladakh; Statehood to Jammu: MLC Surender Ambardar

Justifying the withdrawal of BJP from coalition government which led to fall of government and imposition of Governors rule and subsequently the President’s rule in state, MLC Surender Ambardar in an interview with Epilogue said, “Kashmir has been misgoverned by main stream political parties of state ever since J&K acceded to Indian Dominion and it is this misgovernance which has led to the current turmoil in Kashmir.” He asserted, “There is a huge misconception regarding Kashmir issue as there exists no ‘Kashmir problem’ but there definitely there is a problem in Kashmir.” Elaborating it, he said, “The governments were elected to govern the state but instead they treated the state as their fiefdom and ruled like monarchs.” Lamenting he said, “The central grants meant for development were swindled and misappropriated for benefitting self and  few blue-eyed resulting in massive nepotism, corruption and unemployment leading to alienation and disgruntlement of masses.”

Surender Ambardar added, “What you see on ground today in Kashmir is nothing but the fallout of misgovernance of last 70 years dampening the faith of masses in institutions and constitution leading them to challenge the very fundamentals of principles of governance.”

In what can be branded as something out of the box solution, he admitted that it is time the Government of India revisits its policy on Kashmir and take concrete steps to pull Kashmir out of present scenario. In order to reaffirm the confidence of masses in governance, Surender Ambardar when asked about possible resolution to the issue said, “In my opinion Kashmir and Ladakh should be granted Union Territory status for next two decades and statehood should be granted to Jammu, thereafter the status of Kashmir and Ladakh may be reviewed as and when required thereby granting an opportunity to Government of India to directly govern the state and usher the era of development in real sense. Direct central rule will minimize the probable chances of being mislead by political parties which have been instrumental in creating and deepening the wedge of disgruntlement of common masses purely to stay relevant and usurp power.”

When asked about one of the most debated topic in Kashmiri Pandit community ‘Temples and Shrines bill’ for the protection and preservation of temples and shrines in Kashmir considering Surender Ambardar belongs to this community, he said, “Generally it is believed that BJP did not act on tabling the bill in assembly, but we need to know that it was PDP which back tracked on its promise.” Adding he said,”It was in year 2016 while contesting the assembly by elections in Anantnag, Mehbooba Mufti had promised the Pandit community that if she wins the election, she will not only make provisions to table the bill but try for its passage as well, but she never fulfilled her promise and it speaks volumes about her intentions and outreach to the minority community.”

He said the regular blabbering of Pakistan and separatist by PDP was one of the main reasons for snapping the ties considering it was getting beyond tolerance levels and instead of focusing on development and restoring peace to valley, this regular blabbering was hampering the agenda of the government which stood on ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’


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