Gujarat: Three killed in explosion at Reliance’s Vadodara refinery

At least 3 labourers were killed in Reliance IPCL refinery due to blast at PBR-2 plant in Gujarat’s Vadodara on Thursday.

In a statement, Reliance Industries Limited said that the fire broke out in the plant of the Vadodara complex early this morning.

It said, the fire was restricted to one section of the plant following the timely action by fire fighting team.

According to the company release, the investigation will be conducted to ascertain the reasons of the fire.  The rest of the complex is continuing with normal operations.

Police said that incident occurred at around 3.30 am following fire erupted from the expander hot box.

The deceased labourers were identified as Mahendra Jadhav, Arun Dabhi and Pritesh Patel. All three were residents of Vadodara.

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