J&K surpasses last year achievement in PMS scheme for MSMEs..

More than 800 MSMEs have been benefited by PMS scheme during this financial year 2023-24 which is exponential higher in comparison to all previous financial years.
According to an official spokesperson, this has been made possible with directions of G Velladurai, Joint Director through PMS Section of MSME DFO Jammu handled by D K Tyagi, Assistant Director.

MSME DFO Jammu, Field Office of Union Ministry of MSME, implements various schemes and activities for the benefit of MSMEs of Jammu & Kashmir. Procurement & Marketing Support Scheme is one of them.

As per the scheme guidelines the MSMEs are eligible to claim reimbursement of 80-100 percent Stall charges, Publicity expenditure and travelling expenditure for participating in about 200 exhibitions/trade fair approved by the Union Ministry of MSME. The same can be accessed at my.msme.gov.in/ MyMsme/Reg/COM_ViewEvent.aspx. All the applications are received online only without any manual intervention and processed online.

It is pertinent to mention here that maximum 60 units can participate in any of the approved exhibition.
During this financial year, MSMEs of J&K participated in various Trade Fairs organized in different locations including Srinagar, Jammu, Mumbai, Delhi, Nagpur, Telangana etc.

J&K’s 13 units participated in Indian International Trade Fair organized in Pragati Maidan New Delhi from 14th November 2023 to 25th November 2023. Number of units participated was 24 in Bharat Utsav, organized at Pragati Maidan New Delhi from 16.12.2023 to 11.01.2024 in which 100 percent Stall charges were waived off for the units of J&K as per the scheme guidelines.
Last year, less than 10 units had availed the benefit of participating in the event at New Delhi.

This financial year 04 different trade fairs have been approved in J&K at various locations like Srinagar and Jammu compared to previous year when only one fair was held. Two Vendor Development programmes under PMS scheme have been organised compared to one during the last financial year. This increase in uptake of the benefits under the scheme is because of the extra efforts put up by MSME DFO Jammu through 30 Entrepreneurship Awareness camps conducted in every district of Jammu & Kashmir regions.

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