Kashmiri Hindu foundation Inc US adopts resolution;adopted resolution reiterates demand of separate homeland with UT Status.

Kashmiri Hindu foundation Inc US adopts resolution;adopted resolution reiterates demand of separate homeland with UT Status.
Keeping in view the urgency of the prevailing situation regarding genocide
victim/survivor Kashmiri Pandits in exile, United States of America based
Kashmiri Hindu Foundation organized a special session on 23rd February
2023, to adopt a resolution to reiterate community aspirations and raise
demands that are essential for the community. It has been about 300 days
since the PM Package employees have been protesting in Jammu after
fleeing from Kashmir amidst genocidal threat post rise in selective killings.
The govt. of India and the Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory
administration is forcing the aggrieved Kashmiri Pandit employees to
resume their duties in Kashmir despite the prevailing threat of they want
their salaries which have been withheld for eight months. This PM Package
which was implemented as a Rehabilitation scheme has proved once again that any policy which doesn’t have the consideration of community
aspiration is destined to fail. Moreover such policies which are based on
denial of Kashmiri Pandit genocide result into continuation of th crimes and
attrition and can never in the real sense facilitate rehabilitation and return
of Kashmiri Pandits to Kashmir. With deep concern about the humans rights
and the Right to Life of our fellow community member in exile, Kashmiri
Hindu Foundation held the special session for highlighting community
aspirations. The adopted resolution reiterated the demand to carve out a
separate Homeland with UT status to the east and north of Vitasta (Jhelum)
for genocide victim/survivor Hindus of Kashmir in accordance to
Margdarshan Resolution 1991 adopted by the community on the 28th of
December 1991. The KHF also discussed the persecution faced by the
protesting Kashmiri Pandit employees, their recent detention, withholding
of their salaries and various pressure pressure tactics and subversive
attempts to divert the attention from the core issues and aspirations of the
community. The resolution also mentioned the need to recognise the
crimes against Kashmiri Pandit community as genocide and enact the proposed ‘Panun Kashmir’s Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Bill 2020’ for punishment and prevention of the genocide. As a priority and the most immediate rescue measure, the resolution demanded ‘Relocation’ of PM Package employees from Kashmir to Jammu to safeguard their Right to Life.
The demands raised in the adopted resolution are:
I. Recognise Kashmiri Pandit Genocide and enact a law on genocide on the
principle of non-refoulement as per draft bill of Panun Kashmir’s Genocide & Atrocities
Prevention Bill 2020. Replace the status of ‘Migrants’ with ‘Victims/
Survivors of Genocide’ for Kashmiri Pandits.
II. Relocate Kashmiri Pandit employees from Kashmir immediately to Jammu
to safeguard their right to life, until a comprehensive rehabilitation plan as per
aspirations of the whole community are not considered.
III. Reorganize Jammu & Kashmir and carve out a Union Territory to the east
and north of Jhelum in accordance to Margdarshan Resolution 1991 by
Panun Kashmir to create a homeland for genocide victim/survivor Kashmiri
Pandits which is an imperative necessity for creating a geo-political foothold
for India in Kashmir to halt the access of spread of Jihad across the rest of
Present in the special session to adopt the resolution were Ankit Monga,
Deepak Ganju, Rajeev Sumbly, Amrit Nehru, Kuldeed Trisal amongst other members of the foundation and community.



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