Kumbh 2019: Ramdev urges sadhus to quit smoking, says ‘Ram, Krishna didn’t smoke so why should we’





(ANI): Yog guru Ramdev has urged saints and seers at the Kumbh Mela to quit smoking.

“We follow Ram and Krishna who never smoked in their life then why should we? We must take a pledge to quit smoking,” he said. “We sadhus have left everything including our home, mother and father for a greater cause, then why we cannot leave smoking.”

He collected “chillam” from several sadhus and made them take a pledge to quit tobacco. He said he will deposit all the “chillams” for display at the museum he will build.

“I have made youngsters quit tobacco and smoking, then why not Mahatamas,” said Ramdev

The 55-day long Kumbh Mela will end on March 4. It is the largest human congregation in the world, with over 130 million pilgrims expected to participate in the festival with the belief that taking a dip in the holy water of Ganges River will pave the way for their salvation and would rid them of their sins.

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