Maldives govt expresses confidence that Presidential elections will be held in cordial environment

Maldives government has expressed confidence that the Presidential elections scheduled for next month would be held in a cordial and peaceful environment.

A foreign ministry statement issued today also expressed concern over doubts and queries raised by certain international partners.

The statement came as several countries including European Union has expressed concern over holding of fair elections in wake of gross human rights violations.

The statement added that campaigning for the election is progressing smoothly and the government is working closely with the Election Commission and all relevant stakeholders to ensure that the election is free, fair and credible.

Maldives government had jailed or exiled several opposition leaders during past years. A Supreme Court ruling for a retrial of such cases led to declaration of emergency in the country and arrest of supreme court judges.

President Abdullah Yameen is seeking reelection while the opposition parties have put up Ibrahim Mohammed Solih as the joint candidate for polls scheduled on 23rd September.

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