Pakistan National Assembly meets to decide the fate of Prime Minister Imran Khan

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is to face No Confidence Motion in the National Assembly today. The session of the National Assembly began at 11 A.M. (IST) under the chairmanship of Speaker Asad Qaiser. Voting on the No Confidence Motion against the Prime Minister is the fourth item on the day’s agenda. However, the session to decide the fate of Prime Minister Imran Khan was adjourned till 01.00 P.M.(IST) due to uproar in the National Assembly.
The move comes after Pakistan Supreme Court ruled that the dismissal of the No Confidence Motion by Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri was unconstitutional. The Supreme Court had on Thursday ordered the government to hold voting on the motion today at all costs according to the agenda issued for April 3 session when the Deputy Speaker rejected the motion through a ruling declaring it unconstitutional and a foreign conspiracy. The apex court also reconstituted the National Assembly which was dissolved by the President on the advice of Imran Khan.

On last Sunday, the No Confidence Motion against Imran Khan’s government was dismissed by Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri. Terming the move unconstitutional, the Opposition parties had challenged the Speaker’s decision in the Supreme Court. Under Article 58 of Pakistan’s Constitution, the National Assembly cannot be dissolved, if there is a no-confidence motion against the government. In his address to the nation last night, Imran Khan said that he will continue to fight.

Imran Khan said, he is disappointed with the Supreme Court order, but he respects the ruling. He slammed the Opposition for horse trading and made claims of an international conspiracy to topple his government. Imran Khan said, EU cannot dictate India into giving a statement against their interests, but they want Pakistan to do it. Pakistani PM said that no superpower can intimidate India and their country’s foreign policy.

Meanwhile, US today once again turned down Imran Khan’s allegations regarding the involvement of Washington in toppling his government through a No Confidence Motion. In a press briefing, the Deputy State Department Spokeswoman Jalina Porter said, there is absolutely no truth to these allegations. She said, US government supports the constitutional process and rule of law in Pakistan.

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