Panun Kashmir Extols SIA’s Move in Judge Neelkanth Ganjoo Case, Calls for Genocide Bill to Seal Justice

Jammu August 7, 2023 — The Kashmiri Pandit community, represented by the steadfast voice of Panun Kashmir, has issued a resounding and unwavering response to the recent revelations surrounding the ‘Judge Neelkanth Ganjoo Case.’ Characterizing the moment as a seismic breakthrough, Panun Kashmir asserts that the historical suffering endured by the community is not a mere compilation of isolated atrocities, but rather a meticulously orchestrated Genocide.

With a commitment spanning over three decades, Panun Kashmir has consistently advocated for recognition and justice for the community. The recent development serves to reinforce their long-standing claim. In a bold move, the State Investigation Agency (SIA) has raised a clarion call, urging the public’s active participation in uncovering the truth behind the chilling murder of Retired Judge Neelkanth Ganjoo. This call resonates deeply with the community’s unyielding pursuit of justice, unearthing truths that have long remained concealed.

The crux of Panun Kashmir’s response lies in the Panun Kashmir Genocide Bill, which was conceived in 2020. This legislative proposal stands as a direct response to the agonizing pain engraved in the collective memory. It demands the recognition of an irrefutable fact—that every act of brutality inflicted upon the community was a targeted act of Genocide. It serves as a fervent plea for accountability, an acknowledgment of the community’s agonies, and an unshakable commitment to prevent such horrors in the future.

The significance of this moment reaches far beyond the realms of legislative discourse; it pierces the very fabric of history itself. Panun Kashmir vehemently demands an all-encompassing reassessment of each case, a relentless pursuit of the perpetrators who orchestrated these atrocities, and a thorough reexamination of the indelible scars etched into the very essence of their existence. The urgency is palpable, and the demand for justice is resolute, leaving no room for delay.

Beyond the realm of legal proceedings, Panun Kashmir’s plea resonates with the human soul on a profound level. The victims—both survivors and those who tragically perished—deserve more than relegation to the forgotten pages of history. The ‘Neelkanth Ganjoo Case’ acts as a stark reminder of a reckoning that has long been deferred—a reckoning that echoes the deep-seated anguish of the community.

At its core, the Panun Kashmir Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Bill 2020 represents more than a mere legal document; it stands as a testament to the unwavering spirit of the community and the unyielding courage of those who have borne the brunt of this Genocide. To those who have endured the unthinkable, Panun Kashmir proclaims: Their pain becomes the community’s strength, their stories the community’s determination, and their quest for justice the community’s unrelenting mission.

As winds of change sweep through, Panun Kashmir boldly asserts that the Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Bill 2020 must be etched into history as a declaration of an unwavering spirit, a monument to steadfast determination, and a beacon guiding a future where justice reigns supreme.

In response to the recent developments in the ‘Neelkanth Ganjoo Case,’ Panun Kashmir, becomes the resolute voice of the community. With impassioned fervor, Panun Kashmir delivers a clarion plea for the immediate and unwavering enactment of the Panun Kashmir Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Bill 2020 into an indomitable Act of law.

With thirty-four years of historical weight pressing down, the assertion that the community’s narrative is one of Genocide resonates powerfully. The SIA’s appeal for public assistance in unveiling the truth behind the heinous murder of Retired Judge Neelkanth Ganjoo propels this juncture into history’s heart—a point where justice can no longer be delayed.

The Panun Kashmir Genocide Bill, intricately shaped and driven by the flames of justice, stands as the embodiment of the collective cry for recognition, accountability, and a determined response. It signifies the culmination of tireless endeavors to expose the undeniable fact that every crime perpetrated against the community was a calculated act of Genocide—an act that must not remain unaddressed, an act that demands rectification.

Urgency permeates Panun Kashmir’s plea to Parliament, a plea echoing the weight of history and the reverberations of ancestors’ cries. Transform the Panun Kashmir Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Bill 2020 into an unshakable Act—an Act that resounds through the corridors of time, signifies unwavering commitment to justice, and emerges as a guiding light for generations yet to come.

This moment stands poised to etch itself into the annals of history—a definitive turning point where the wheels of justice were decisively redirected towards the path of righteousness. The victims, survivors, and all those whose lives have been marred by these tragic events deserve nothing less than the embodiment of their collective pain and unwavering courage—an embodiment materialized in the Panun Kashmir’s Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act.

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