Policy of killing innocents with impunity needs to stop: KCC&I

Srinagar : The Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry condemns the repetitive killings of innocent and unarmed civilians by the security forces.

In a statement KCC&I said that the latest in the series of such fatalities has reportedly resulted in seven civilians losing their lives and more than a hundred being injured in Kharpora Sirnoo, Pulwama.

“The KCC&I has time and again urged for the cessation of hostile operations in civilian areas and demanded resolution of the dispute of our State through a structured, meaningful and effective dialogue amongst stakeholders,” said the statement.

“The policy of killing innocents with impunity needs to stop. We urge for accountability and demand exemplary punishment of those involved in the killings,” the statement added.

“The policymakers need to realize that the use of brutal force against the civilian population is yielding no results except creating a situation of chaos and anarchy in the State,” KCC&I said in a statement.

“We appeal to human rights organizations, wherever they are, to take note of the repeated violations and the naked acts of aggression against unarmed civil population seeking a peaceful resolution to the conflict,” said KCC&I statement.

“We see no end in sight to the bloodshed unless the international community, which has so far chosen to watch silently, intervenes and ensures that steps are taken for settlement of the dispute,” said KCC&I in a statement.

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