President Ram Nath Kovind calls upon people to renew the resolve to fill gaps in nation building

The Nation will celebrate the 72nd Independence Day today. In his address to the nation on the eve of Independence day, President Ram Nath Kovind today said, India is at the cusp of achieving many long-awaited goals like universal access to electricity, elimination of open defecation, homelessness, and extreme poverty.

Mr Kovind said, India will be marking the 75th anniversary of independence after four years. He said, the decisions taken now and the foundations laid yesterday will determine where India stands then.

Mr Kovind said farmers of the country are upholding the country’s freedom by ensuring food security and nutrition for the children.
Saying that Armed Forces stand guard valiantly on borders in extreme conditions, Mr Kovind stated that they are upholding the freedom by ensuring security from external threats.

Highlighting the special role of women in the society, the President said the expansion of freedom in the country in many sense amounts to the expansion of freedom for women.

The President said, the Gram Swaraj Abhiyan is taking seven flagship programmes to the very doorstep of the poorest and the most deprived among the citizens.

President Kovind said, country’s young population represents the hopes and aspirations of India. He said, by building capacities for skilling and scholarship, technology and entrepreneurship, country is harnessing the unlimited human capital of the youth.
The President said this year’s Independence Day is extra special as in a few weeks, on 2nd October, the commemoration of the 150th birthday of Mahatma Gandhi will begin.

President Kovind remarked how Mahatma Gandhi personally led the drive for cleanliness.

The President said Independence Day is an occasion to renew the resolve to fill the gaps that still remain in nation-building project. He exuded confidence that the youth of the nation will undoubtedly fill the gaps.

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